Grey’s Anatomy' Season 13 Rumors: Now That Alex Is Free, Is Romance With Meredith Possible?

Fans of Alex (Justin Chambers) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) have been wishing for months that the two will finally hook up romantically on "Grey's Anatomy" season 13. Their wishes were rekindled when Alex showed up in Meredith's bed, free of any legal tussles he had in the past episodes. But will this romance take place?

Meredith Found Alex Lying On Her Bed

The last episode of "Grey's Anatomy" season 13 shown last week gave a hint of an Alex and Meredith hook up. It can be recalled that Meredith spent the whole day searching for Alex only to find out, at the end of the day, that he is just lying on her bed. She was surprised to know that he's been there all day.

What happened next is everybody's guess because she shoved him back to bed and suddenly the screen went black. So, fans are left guessing what the two did after. Can fans be blamed for wishing that the two will eventually hook up romantically in "Grey's Anatomy" season 13?

Here's What Chambers And Pompeo Have To Say

With regards to a possible romantic link between Alex and Meredith in "Grey's Anatomy" season 13, the best person to get relevant prediction is Chambers. In a recent interview, Chambers revealed some of his thoughts regarding the Meredith/Alex relationship. Fans will be surprised at some of his statements.

Although Chambers says anything is possible, he said that he prefers them to stay as siblings who provide special care for each other. However, he turns around and says friends becoming lovers happens in real life. But he personally thinks that at the current situation between the two, that would be a bit strange.

On her part, Pompeo seems to impart a similar sentiment. She also said in a recent interview that Meredith and Alex are better off as siblings than as sweethearts. In order to support her views, she added that the two are too close and very much like brother and sister. And so that no one will misunderstand, she said, "Just because you're so in love with someone in one way doesn't mean it's a romantic love."

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