‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13: Final Minutes Of Last Episode Reveals Alex’s Fate?

At last, fans of "Grey's Anatomy" season 13 will no longer worry about the fate of Alex. In last week's episode, they were given a clue regarding his whereabouts. His avid fans waited for months wondering if he would go to jail or not. Now, they know, based on what was shown on the last episode.

Alex Is Definitely Not In Prison

What's interesting about the revelation is that fans readily took to social media to speculate and deliberate about what would happen from here on. The last episode of "Grey's Anatomy" season 13 went on, for the most part, avoiding the question about Alex's whereabouts. Only in the eleventh hour did the episode revealed what became of him.

In the last episode of "Grey's Anatomy" season 13, Meredith went on searching for Alex in every courthouse and jail she could reach but was empty-handed in the end. Thinking that she had indeed lost her friend, she went to bed to go to sleep. But surprise, surprise, there's a person lying in her bed. And who is it? It's Alex, of all people. Ergo, this friend of Meredith is pictured as scot free.

The Last Episode Of Grey's Anatomy" season 13 Played On The Fans' Emotions

This episode of "Grey's Anatomy" season 13, although centered on Bailey, revealed the fate of Ales to his fans. However, it only disclosed it after playing with the fans' emotions, in the last five minutes of the episode. It started with the desperate attempt of Maggie and Meredith to find Alex's whereabouts. He previously informed Meredith that he plans to go to the D.A. to request for a plea bargain.

It Seems Alex Is Not Even Concerned

But to the surprise and delight of his fans, Alex was found sleeping in Meredith's bed while the latter was trying her best to locate him. What an irony. As it is, Alex didn't appear to be concerned. It gives the fans a hint that he might really be absolutely free and was sleeping to get rid of the stress that he had been through in the last few months. All the fans of Grey's Anatomy" season 13 have to do now is to wait for future episodes to see what will happen to Alex from here on.

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