‘South Park' Season 21 Updates: Series And Games Both Delayed?

Apparently, the creators of “South Park” already commented on what is the real deal with Season 21. They were having some creative issues and their original plan wasn’t working out. Also, it was just reported a few hours ago that even their much-anticipated game is delayed.

Some fans are already pissed with what is happening with “South Park” as of late. They already received some serious bashing due to the outcome of Season 20. However, the creators and creative team of “South Park” is defiant stating that they have to make certain adjustments to maintain what the franchise is all about.

'South Park' Season 21 Adjustments

Last season, fans were able to notice a sudden change in one of their episodes when the team predicted the US Presidential elections wrong. Most fans and even the TV series community were impressed on how they were able to create a one day script but sad to say, some are not happy about it. Regardless of the outcome of Season 20, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are ready for season 21.

'South Park: The Fractured But Whole' Postponed

Although they are having issues early due to Trump being the US President, Stone and Parker said that they are already adjusting. Fans might not see the same political satire which “South Park” is great at, but surely they will deliver instant classics.

 Also as reported a few hours ago, “The Fractured But Whole” will be delayed again. The original plan was to release the “South Park” game while waiting for season 21. However, that will not likely happen as they’ve already released a statement about “The Fractured But Whole”.

Currently, there are no indications yet on when are they going to formally announced the release date of both the game and the new series, so fans should stick around for more details.

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