Did Overwatch PTR Just Teased The Arrival Of Doomfist?

What most fans love about Overwatch are the heroes. Their personalities (skills, included), in particular, are what makes them a character to fall in love. Well, add to this the fact that Blizzard knows how to hype the community when it comes to such avenue. And indeed, this might have been the story of Doomfist -- a new hero rumored to arrive on the game soon.

According to Daily Star, Overwatch fans on Reddit have reportedly discovered some clues that point to the very existence of the aforementioned hero. This basically refers to the way the payload on the Numbani looks in the game's PTR (Public Test Realm). Apparently, the new model somehow shows a broken glass that surrounds the hero's gauntlet.

It's worth noting that this subtle change in Overwatch came following an update (for PTR) from Blizzard. So somehow, if there's truth to this, the studio may have placed it there for a very specific reason -- that is to tease the arrival of Doomfist. Well, of course, players won't expect a big reveal right away from the video game company. Remember how they did it with Sombra? This new hero may not exactly be unveiled the way the latter had, but the studio certainly has something up in their sleeves.

Going back to the discovery, the Overwatch fans suggest that the broken payload is still a 3D model. That it's been well-kept in the games update files. So, in a sense, the in-game payload still looks the same as it was. It's still interesting that the one who discovered this is the same person who unearthed the 136 new models, all of which have been found in the title's codes.

As for the actor who'll voice Doomfist in Overwatch, almost all fans know it already. Or perhaps, they know who they want to take the job. It's no other athlete-turned-actor Terry Crews. Nevertheless, the studio has yet to officially confirm it along with the hero's forthcoming existence.

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