YouTube Fixes Major Glitch That Made Channels Lose Subscribers

During the past weeks, YouTube has been facing a major glitch that caused its channels to lose hundreds of subscribers per minute, being a really delicate situation in which the video-sharing website has received a lot of criticisms for not taking the proper measures to prevent it. Nevertheless, the company has finally come out with a solution that ended this issue for good.

Trolls Took Advantage Of The YouTube´s Glitch

Apparently, the problem stems from a glitch that caused YouTube to falsely detract two subscribers from an account each time that an individual choose to unsubscribe. Naturally, this was a situation that trolls took advantage of, by repeatedly subscribing and unsubscribing from the channels, which caused an incredible amount of drops in the total scores, creating a huge crisis to those who had an important number of subscribers.

The situation was initially reported on February 6, when YouTube channel owners started noticing that their subscribers' amount were dropping drastically, and it was first spotted by BlackSceen TV, a YouTuber that noticed how his account suddenly lost almost 2,000 in a day. After that, the user created a video that live streamed the subscriber amount of BlackScreen TV along with other popular YouTube channels, in order to prove that there has to be some kind of an error.

PewDiePie Was The One That Made This Case Famous

Getting to this point, YouTuber PewDiePie explained that this was probably the biggest glitch in YouTube and website´s history. In fact, considering that he was also affected by this problem, it has been said that the issue began to attract attention only when he decided to broadcast a live stream of the bug.

Fortunately, in addition to solve this delicate issue, YouTube assured that no data had been lost and that the correct numbers of subscribers are showing now to almost every single channel, so it can be said that even when YouTube´s world was facing a major crisis, everything is back to normal.

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