The Most Incredible Facts About Apple´s Spaceship

Historian's Idea for Apple's Spaceship Campus
Apple´s spaceship is expected to be something incredible, since its aesthetic would be extremely appealing to everyone´s mind, to the point in which the company has taken some weird measures to keep it like this. Photo : Wall Street Journal/YouTube

Just like everyone thought, Apple´s spaceship is expected to be the most incredible piece of work ever made by the Cupertino company, given the fact that this would be its new home. Although some of its details are already famous, there are some that in addition to being unknown for the people, are so incredible that no one could ever imagine it.

Apple´s Spaceship Will Have Toilets Like iPhones

Just like something that came out of a really happy mind, it has been reported that many elements inside Apple´s spaceship have been designed in order to mimic some of the company´s famous consumer electronics, so if you believe that this futuristic building would something quite serious and with a sober and boring aesthetic, you better think again.

If you´re asking which elements of Apple´s spaceship will be inspired by Apple´s products, let´s start saying that every time you get into an elevator inside this building, you will feel a quite familiar sensation on your finger when pressing the call button. This is because the Cupertino company will make the buttons of the elevators just the iPhones´ home button.

If you think this is quite crazy, the most unreal fact that has been known about Apple´s spaceship is that the design of the toilets will be extremely similar to the sleek form of the iPhone, which would turn going to the bathroom into a weird, twisted, futuristic and uncomfortable experience. In fact, this revelation has led to these toilets being called iThrones.

Apple´s Spaceship Will Have The Largest Piece Of Curved Glass In The World

Being elegant and at the same time innovative has been Apple´s trademark since day one, to the point in which the Cupertino company has been considered as the greatest exemplification of something fancy and luxurious. Of course, if this is something that some of its products have showed, it is not a surprise to know that Apple´s spaceship would also be like this.

Apparently, this futuristic building will feature the world´s largest piece of curved glass, which would make it look like the most aesthetic version of an OVNI. There's a huge chance that the glass will clad the entire exterior of the circular construction with 3,000 sheets in total, being the biggest in the world according to Jony Ive.

In fact, it is expected that no pipes or vents cold be reflected in Apple´s spaceship exterior glass, to the point in which every single heating or cooling system must be hidden and unseen. Actually, even the emergency exit signs would have to be displayed in a fancier manner, regardless if this could face some problems with the strict health and safety laws.

Apple´s Spaceship Will Have A Carpark

As you might see in the previous case, Apple´s necessity for always offering the most stylish look is something that we shouldn't be surprised of, even if this is something that reaches the most unnecessary detail. The Cupertino company will build an underground car park to make sure that cars never ruin the view of the Apple spaceship.

Believe it or not, Apple´s need for always displaying the best comes to the point of making a quite expensive inversion in this kind of things, as if it were some kind of an intelligence agency from a movie. Of course, there´s a silver lining in addition to the fact that the Apple´s spaceship will look magnificent: the fact that the employees will be able to get around on one of the 1,000 bicycles to use on the building, or jog on one of the several trails weaved throughout the campus.

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