A New Spotify Service Creates Playlist Based On Your Local Weather

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Spotify´s new service represents the way in which technology can extend its whole power to different fields like music and arts, offering the people a greater way to enjoy it.
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Spotify has always been characterized for offering the best to listening to music, which is the reason why this is probably the most popular streaming service of this kind that you can use right now. However, just when everyone thought that there wouldn't be another innovative way to hear some tracks, this company has come out with an idea that would be groundbreaking.

A 30-Song Playlist For A Specific Weather

Believe it or not, Spotify is now offering Climatune, a new service that would create a playlist depending on how´s your local weather, which makes it perfect for those who actually have a different kind of mood if the day is sunny or rainy. This way, it wouldn't be a surprise if you suddenly hear "I´m Only Happy When It Rains" if your local weather is cloudy, or "I´m Walking On Sunshine" if there´s a bright sun wherever you live.

Of course, far from only choosing the songs according to what the title says, Spotify will offer a playlist of 30 different kinds of tracks according to music criteria about which kind of tunes people like the most in different kinds of weathers. Naturally, this would be quite terrible if you actually love to hear depressing tracks songs a sunny day, unless if this is how your city likes to roll. Here´s why.

Spotify´s New Service Is A Product Of A Deep Research Project

Spotify´s Climatune has been developed in collaboration with AccuWeather, which automatically creates soundtracks depending on the local weather. This playlist-generator follows almost a yearlong research project, which main objective was to compare music streamed on Spotify to information compiled at 1,000 weather stations. In order to make a real exemplification, Spotify data researcher Ian Anderson explained in a blog post by the streaming service that almost every single top city around the world, a sunny day translates to happier- sounding music all the time.

This service is currently only accessible through a dedicated website, and even when this isn´t exactly an incredible invention that would change the world, it definitely represents the way in which technology can actually give a boost to fields like music. This is, because, in addition to the way in which Climatune would be quite beneficial for many artists, it would help people to know of incredible songs that they didn't know.

One of the most interesting details that the Spotify´s blog explained, was the way in which many cities are quite different in the music they listen in a certain weather. For example, while a happy music is played in London when is a sunny day, this kind of songs are listening in Leeds when is cloudy, and in Chicago when is a rainy day.

Somehow, Spotify has managed to extend its tech ecosystem to other fields as sociology, given the fact that this was a study which results are quite interesting and unexpected. But in any case, while technology keeps expanding its grace through every single area, music is now in its most interesting time, thanks to Spotify, considering that this industry has changed for good since this streaming service came to set a turning point in the whole game.

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