NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony, Avery Bradley Suggested For L.A. Clippers; Phil Jackson Criticized For His Knicks Drama

Another trade rumor surrounds NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony as the NBA Trade Deadline looms in. Out of all the trade rumors about Anthony, this may be the most intriguing one yet. The rumor is Anthony along with Boston Celtics’ shooting guard and point guard, Bradley Avery might head on to L.A. Clippers despite Anthony’s notion insisting he stays with New York Knicks.

It has been reported that Phil Jackson is intent on trading off Carmelo Anthony and the best bet for the said player is to go to Los Angeles Clippers. This is because Anthony, as a skilled small forward, can fill in the holes that the Clippers have especially when he is paired with Avery Bradley, who is also an NBA All-Star player. In the rumored proposal that involves Anthony and Bradley, New York Knicks get Amir Johnson, Jamal Crawford, and few more from various picks while Boston Celtics get Blake Griffin and Paul Pierce.

If this rumored proposal turns out to be true then Anthony and Bradley will surely balance the roster of L.A. Clippers. Aside from that, given their great track records, they will give L.A. Clippers a step up in the competition. This has yet to be confirmed when the 2017 NBA Trade Deadline comes up, which is on Feb. 23.

In light of the heated rumors surrounding Anthony being traded off eventually, Phil Jackson gets criticized for trying hard to make sure that Anthony departs from Knicks. Anthony counters, invoking his right to stay with the Knicks by exercising his no-trade clause. The two had strained their relationship and it has been the center of drama for Knicks for a couple of months now.

Former NBA Star Raja Bell have called out Phil Jackson for acting up just like a teenager throwing a tantrum, doing silly stuff on a whim just because he’s angry, which in the end, he will regret. Some have pointed out that maybe the change Knicks needed is a change at the top and not from the players, suggesting that team president Phil Jackson should be the one to go and not Anthony. NBA video game director, Spike Lee commented that Anthony has still so much to offer in Knicks but Phil Jackson is making it terribly difficult for the said player.

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