NBA Trade Rumors: Jimmy Butler Off To Boston Celtics? Wants Dwayne Wade To Stay In Chicago Bulls

With the NBA Trade Deadline just around the corner, teams are scurrying to announce their final picks and it’s no surprise that some have their eyes on Chicago Bull’s Jimmy Butler. There are rumors that Butler is being eyed once again by Boston Celtics. In light of the ongoing trading, Butler has voiced out that he wants Dwayne Wade to stay with Chicago Bulls.

Jimmy Butler has made great progress with Chicago Bulls and rumor has it that he might just be heading off to Boston Celtics. It’s said that he will be traded with Boston Celtics’ point guard, Marcus Smart, along with two other picks. Boston Celtics has always shown interest in Butler and has actually already presented Chicago Bulls a trade for him before. But Chicago Bulls declined the offer because they were keen on keeping Butler in the team.

Trading in Butler would mean a complete overhaul for Chicago Bulls especially when they have just built a team with a new roster of players to support Butler as the alpha player. So there’s a possibility that Chicago Bulls won’t still trade in Butler but then again the said team has always been unpredictable with its picks and they have a habit of revealing their picks just before the deadline. Butler plays shooting the guard and small forward for Chicago Bulls and though the team never got a championship during his career, he took part in the NBA All-Star and NBA All-Defensive Team three times already.

In light of the NBA Trade Deadline quickly approaching, which is on Feb. 23, Butler has shared that he wants Dwayne Wade to stay in Chicago Bulls until the next season or maybe even extend for a few more years. Butler admitted that he wants Wade to be his teammate for a long time because he makes playing professional basketball easier for Butler. Wade plays shooting guard for Chicago Bulls and Butler said as long as Wade stays with the team, he will evolve as an NBA player and will make progress especially on the things he has been working on.

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