George R.R. Martin Teases Dark Chapters Of Upcoming 'Winds Of Winter' Release

Famous author George R.R. martin has finally given an update on the most-awaited book of all time, "Winds of Winter" of the best-selling book series "A Song of Ice and Fire." He has finally given an answer as to why it has taken him so long to finish writing the book.

George R.R. Martin Speaks Up Reason Of Delay For "Winds Of Winter" Release Date

It can be recalled that the fans of the famous book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" have been waiting for the sixth book to be entitled "Winds of Winter" for about six years now. As it turns out, Martin has been putting off writing for his book as he was also contributing to the upcoming short story collection to be entitled "A Book of Swords" that is written by his friend and anthologist, Gardner Dozois.

It has been confirmed that Martin contributed to the part of the story collection entitled "The Sons of the Dragon." It is a tale that is set in Westeros and focuses on the lives of the Targaryens. Martin believes that it something the fans of "A Song of Ice and Fire" will very much enjoy, especially those who are fascinated of the land of Westeros itself. According to a statement he made, the story archives the reign of the second and third Targaryen kings alongside their mothers, wives, children and etc. Martin stated that at some point, he got carried away writing the new story, leading him to focus on it and thus setting aside writing the "Winds of Winter." Nevertheless, he is now currently working on it.

"The Sons Of Dragon" To Be Released Coinciding With "Game Of Thrones" Season 7

"The Sons of the Dragon" is set to be released on October 10, coincides with the new season of "Game of Thrones." It has been reported that with the release of the said book, it would be enough to fill the voids of those fans waiting for the release of "Winds of Winter," and it might be just what they need to get by. Now, rest assured, George R.R. Martin has returned his focus on the sixth book of "A Song of Ice and Fire."

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