Tom Clancy's The Division Movie Is 'Well On The Way'

Tom Clancy's The Division is set to follow the footsteps of other video games adapted to a live-action film. While it's still too early to predict what the outcome is, the film is looking pretty much okay. Or at least, as what the filmmakers are saying. Either that, this is all worth investigating.

According to WWG, Ubisoft has all hopes ready for the live movie adaptation of Tom Clancy's The Division. Sure, the studio's other film titled Assassin's Creed (which is also inspired by the video game of the same name) didn't entirely reach greater heights. However, the amount of sales of acquired (a whopping $210 million globally) is enough to fire their desires.

In fact, as what CEO Yves Guillemot announced, the forthcoming Tom Clancy's The Division movie is on a good shape. It's pretty much "well on the way," as what he claims. It's worth noting that what Guillemot meant is the production of the film -- not entirely its release. The executive admits that the film is about to enter the first phases of production.

What Guillemot said is true, though Tom Clancy's The Division fans don't necessarily need to be worried. After all, it was just announced. Heck, even the movie's scripts and whatnots have yet to be finalized. Or perhaps, the writing process has just begun. Either way, this movie is still worth waiting.

It should be noted that the titular Stephen Gaghan will be helming the Tom Clancy's The Division movie. He's the once in-charge both in writing and directing the film. Gaghan is previously known for his works on Call of Duty: Ghosts. And believe it or not, he won an Oscar thanks for his magnificent task on Traffic. So, somehow, his resume is definitely commendable. Hence there's every reason for the whole community to be excited about this upcoming movie.

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