'Resident Evil 7: Biohazard' Guide: Completing Paintings In Bedroom DLC

Being part of the banned footage volume 1, the Resident Evil 7 Bedroom DLC surely does offer a great amount of terror and challenge to those fans of the game. This article will help players beat the challenge and horror with no sweat, so buckle up and get ready for some action.

Just some few reminders before holding those controllers, some puzzles in the game that when solved, will trigger a timer and will make Marguerite enter the room so proceed with caution and be ready at all costs because if not, that will serve as a game over. The only thing that players need to do when Marguerite enters the room is to put back all the things in the right place then everything will be fine. 

Painting Locations

the character needs to pick up the Spoon from the tray, after that check the lock to free yourself. Then pick up the Lantern located on the bed beside the character. The Lantern will be the most important item in the game as it will help players explore the whole map.

There are few important things that should not be missed on the desk south side of the room, players will be able to find a note there saying "The same time as all other clocks' and a vase with a Lighter in but any drawers you open, shut them again."

Right on the western wall, there will be three marks above the closed book where paintings should be. Collect The Untitled Painting C and place it in the middle.

Broken Clock Hand 

The Untitled Painting B is in the northeast corner pick that up and retrieve it from the wall, then place it on the left side. After that, change the time on the clock next to the bed in order to receive the Broken Clock Hand. Keep in mind that in between these two points there will be a dead rat location. The broken hand that was received earlier can be used to open the grandfather clock which contains another painting.

After getting the painting from the clock, Marguerite will be alerted, quickly position the paintings in the order B, C, A, then immediately retrieve the sewing needle from the book. Also take note that before the timer ends, the room needs to look like before everything started, return the lantern climb back to bed then press the prompt that says just wait.

Lastly use the sewing needle to adjust the clock at 5 o' clock, then the bed will move and a note will drop out.

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