This Father-Son Overwatch Gameplay Is A Must See

Fans have seen a lot of interesting things about Overwatch. From players using weird stuff to play it to fan-made videos, all of these have wonderfully painted the world of Blizzard's newest title. But they, something different has happened. This time, it involves a father and a son. And yes, it couldn't get any better.

According to TechnoBuffalo, an Overwatch player introduced the hit shooter game to his dad. He basically brought his folk to a Korean PC shop, giving his father the time of his life. Heck, the old man even experienced the culture and passion that are within the confines of title's eSports scene.

The video clip (embedded below) was shared by YouTuber영국남자 Korean Englishman, who's obviously an Overwatch die-hard. Surprisingly, his father's reception was overwhelming. He had that look on his face similar to when a kid receive his first gift. It's nothing like a great day to live for the two.

Contrary to popular belief, games such as Overwatch can actually help strengthen a relationship. It could be with a girlfriend, a brother or, perhaps, a mother. Regardless, it only goes to show just how influential video games are nowadays. That unlike in the past, it can work wonders on their own little ways. And this is exactly what the aforementioned game did.

In related Overwatch news, the game's PTR is believed to have teased the forthcoming arrival of a new hero. It's no other than Doomfist, who's said to be the next character in line (though Blizzard hasn't really confirmed anything). Apparently, there were evidence of broken glasses (the payload on the Numbani map) where the hero's gauntlet has been kept. Of course, as obvious as it may be, it could mean something.

It's worth noting that in the Overwatch community, actor Terry Crews has been believed to voice the new hero. In fact, the Hollywood superstar himself iterated his willingness to do so. It's only up to the video game company to make these things possible or not.

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