GTA 4 Xbox 360 And Xbox One Performance Comparison

Following the confirmation of Rockstar 2008 popular open-world game Grand Theft Auto IV to the Xbox One's backward compatibility program, several fans have already played it and experienced the difference themselves. Apparently, a comparison video was made via a split-screen gameplay regarding the game's performance on the current Xbox One from the original hardware, the Xbox 360 console.

Based on the report from Gamespot, the game runs faster on Xbox One, however, there are some issues found as well. The report said that the game hits identical performance level as the past hardware. However, Xbox One version can bring up to a 5fps advantage. Meanwhile, the quality of Microsoft's console is impressive since GTA IV hits the CPU hard.

Eurogamer also mentioned that the frame pacing is different comparing to Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions. However, it is normal regarding the new console's advantage. The site added that where Xbox 360 delivers new frames in 16ms and 36ms intervals, the Xbox One version often throws in a lot of 50ms and even 66ms spikes. Apparently, though the end result is that GTA IV runs faster on Xbox One than it does Xbox 360, the overall experience is somewhat different.

Furthermore, the Xbox One version feels choppier and more uneven. In terms of controller latency, where GTA IV's strongest points on Xbox 360 console, it sometimes feels considerably laggy on the latest version. Meanwhile, in some particular areas, the frame-pacing appears to normalize. However, by a large in-game performance, the game seemed to be less stable.

On the other hand, there are now more than 300 Xbox 360 game titles filling up the Xbox One backward compatibility program's lineup. Meanwhile, several fans predicted that the number will increase significantly by the end of the year as more Xbox 360 games will be arriving to the program soon. GTA IV was released last 2008 and received positive reviews during that time.


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