Pokemon Go Update: Niantic To Introduce New Pokemon Go Monsters; Generation 2 Underway

Niantic has just launched its latest update for its Pokemon Go Gen 2. Reports suggest that the much-anticipated update will add 100 new monsters to Pokemon Go.

But as of now, the only update reported is only a Baby Pokemon. This was out last year, on Dec. 12. However, there are also rumors that the rest of the new monsters will be added in the months to come.

Gen 2 Pokemon Will Be Out Soon

The recently held event has just experienced massive success with a multitude of starter Pokemon with eggs that have Gen 2 Pokemon monsters inside of it. Now, people are asking on what will come up next.

As of now, Niantic is still keeping its silence regarding any news about the new Pokemon Go monsters. But on the bright side, Niantic has just given out a hint to the public.

It hints out that there is a big update coming really soon, probably in the next few weeks. Niantic adds that Professor Willow might also give out a special message.

The most exciting thing about it is that Niantic says that gamers should be alert at all times when playing the game. This might signal something big happening, which might be no other than the new Pokemon Go monsters.

According to Birmingham Mail, the new Pokemon Go monsters could come in big groups, with new mini-events coming. The mini-events might indeed be a good thing for the game as it will improve the player's level of interaction in the game.

Legendary Pokemon On Their Way

According to Daily Star, Legendary Pokemon monsters are also coming out in the next few months. This would surely be enough to keep the excitement of everyone up and going. For now, there is still no official word from Niantic as to when these updates will be out.

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