New Found Cancer Cure Prevents Cancer Cells From Multiplying

A new found cancer cure that prevents cancer cells multiply. During the clinical tests of this new cancer drug nab-paclitaxe, researchers found it has a second side effect. Aside from preventing the cancer cells from multiplying, it also triggers the immune system to signal combative anti-tumor immune response.

Abraxane is composed of paclitaxel combined with nanoparticles of the protein albumin. Paclitaxel alone could not cure pancreatic cancer. But Abraxane is a top leading potential drug for the disease. Paclitaxel prevents structures called microtubules inside cancer cells from breaking up. The new findings suggest that with the combination of the Abraxane and the Paclitaxel the new found cancer cure will not only prevent cancer cells from multiplying, but will also trigger the immune system to shrink tumors.

The study results show that cells like macrophages trigger a massive attack on bacteria or other invading microbes. The immune system can also recognize and strike cancer cells. The authors found that nab-paclitaxel is more effective than paclitaxel. This is because albumin enables macrophages to take up the drug through a natural process called macropinocytosis.

According to the Medical Express, this new found cancer cure is a potentially effective cancer drug that might prevent tumors from spreading. Past studies show that paclitaxel has a similar structure to substances given off by bacteria that trigger macrophage activation. The pathway appeal to nab-paclitaxel in pancreatic tumor-associated macrophages.

According to the Science Daily, during the lab trials, mice with pancreatic tumors, nab-paclitaxel causes the macrophages to switch from immune-suppressing M2 cells back into M1 cells. This extends the immune system of the body to eliminate cancer cells. The combination of the two potential drugs are believed to be more efficient than them being used individually. The authors say that their research on this new found cancer cure may lead to the development of other cancer cure treatments.

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