‘Dragon Ball Super' Teases First And Deadlier Fight In Universe Survival Saga; Who Are Goku's Opponents?

“Dragon Ball Super” has just entered a new story arc and teasers were released, revealing more of the upcoming episodes. The synopsis was released and it talked about the details in the next four episodes. One of that is the first fight that will commence in the universal tournament.

Before “Dragon Ball Super” delved into the new Universe Survival Saga arc, it was already made known through trailers and local posters that the arc will cover a new story wherein the characters will travel to the universe so they can engage in a competition against other heroes from various universes. Goku and his team were invited to represent Universe 7 since the strongest ones are chosen to take part in the said tournament. The new synopsis revealed a more intriguing twist to the arc that no one was expecting.

Turns out, the tournament that was organized by Zeno is more than just determining the mightiest heroes. It has been announced that whoever loses in the tournament will be erased by Zero, meaning they will cease to exist. Now, the fighters are forced to unleash their best to make sure they don’t get eliminated and be destroyed by Zeno.

The first competitors from Goku’s team are Goku himself, Gohan, and Majin Buu. Their opponents will be the mightiest fighters from Universe 9 of a team called Trio the Dangers and they are Basil the caped red wolf, Lavenda the wolf in suspenders, and Bergamo the wolf with the scarf. Though it has not been revealed who among them will fight against Goku and Gohan, it has been teased that the first match will be between Universe 7’s Majin Buu and Universe 9’s Basil.

Fans are already speculating that the first match may lead to a sad ending because of the tone of the synopsis and the arc may just see the probable end of Majin Buu. The synopsis said that Majin Buu is at a disadvantage. But that has yet to be found out as the first match in the Universe Survival Saga arc of “Dragon Ball Super” will be on Episode 79, which will air on Feb. 19, this Sunday.

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