‘Dragon Ball Super' Previews New Opening Video And Teasers For Universal Survival Saga

The new arc for “Dragon Ball Super” just made its debut on Feb. 5 and it is one story that every fans should watch. Funimation just released the English versions of the trailers for the Universal Survival Saga. The new opening video for this arc was also teased.

Dragon Ball Super” prepares to enter a new arc as the story starts with a new tournament being introduced. The said tournament was organized by the king of all universes, Zen-Oh and has invited teams composed of fighters from every universe, hence the title of the arc, the Universal Survival Saga. This arc kicked off just after the threat of Zamasu has been taken care of and died down.

Of course, the best fighters from “Dragon Ball Super” who will be joining the said tournament are Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Kuririn, Piccolo along with Android 17, Android 18, Tenshinhan, Kame-Sennin, and Majin Boo. All of them will be representing the Universe 7 and will battle against the mightiest from other universes. In the trailers released by Funimation, it described the said arc that the tournament between the universes will be of martial arts and the 10 selected representatives must do their best to defend their respective universes by overcoming the ultimate challenge.

Meanwhile, the new opening sequence of “Dragon Ball Super” for the Universal Survival Saga is badass as it features not just the 10 representatives of the Universe 7 but also the other ones from the other universes. The rock song titled “Genkai Toppa X Survivor” was written by Yukinojo Mori and performed by Kiyoshi Hikawa, which is his first time to sing an anime tie-in song. The “Dragon Ball Super” anime series premiered in July 2015 and is currently on its 77th episode as it heads towards its new Universal Survival Saga arc.

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