'Suits' Season 6 Episode 14: Seidel Helps Mike To Join The Bar; Would He Do Something In Return?

With the show's previous episode ending on a controversial note, fans are asking what could really happen next for "Suits" Season 6. Everyone was left awestruck when Mike decided to accept Harvey's offer. Many speculations and conclusions were made up because of the said scenario. Moreover, Seidel tries to attract Harvey with an offer he could never reject. What would he do in exchange?

'Suits' Season 6 Episode 14 News And Updates: Seidel Works With Harvey, Will This Help Mike?

According to Movie News Guide, Craig, in the show's previous episode, admitted that he is a member of bar ethic's board. With this, he has the power to let someone join the bar easily. Seidel then asked a favor for Harvey in exchange for Mike's easy way into the bar. Sources revealed that if Harvey would try to help him in filing a case to the person who has stolen his design, he would do what he has promised to do after.

During Episode 13, Mike rejected the offer because of his painful past behind bars. However, reports revealed that he would give in and join Harvey's class-action lawsuit. The upcoming episode would then show Harvey and Mike having a very delicate conversation as to the ways on how to let Mike join the bar. Harvey would then try to do ways to make Seidel pressured in making the said process faster than the usual.

'Suits' Season 6 Episode 14: Rachel Afraid; Would Mike Be Imprisoned Again?

On the other hand, the show might feature Rachel's disappointment with Mike Ross' decision. News revealed that she would talk to Harvey regarding Mike, admitting she can't afford to see him in jail again. Some believed that Rachel would do everything that she can to tie the knot with Mike, and all things that would ruin her plans should be removed immediately.

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