Why Halo Wars 2 Physical Release Was Cancelled In The US

"Halo Wars 2" is one of this year's most anticipated games. Unfortunately, official word came out that it won't anymore be physically released in the U.S.

Brian Jarrard, the community manager of 343, says that the company has opted the cancellation due to the shift of retail plans. Now, Microsoft decided to limit the physical release in Europe only. It perfectly makes sense for the company to do this, in order to save the exclusivity and "rareness" of the upcoming video game, in turn, making it more special than other competing games.

Change Of Plans

Physical video games are also more common in Europe, compared to the U.S. where almost all games are preferred to be virtual. However, it is still surely a big disappointment for most Americans to know that physical pre-orders won't be coming.

Jarrard then adds that THQ Nordic ensures the company that its plans would be for the good of all. He also assures everyone that the process would go on smoothly, despite the seeming unfortunate cancellation news. According to IGN, the game developers have sent out an apology to all customers who are affected by the cancellation.

From Physical Discs To Virtual Ones

Meanwhile, they also sent out a supporting statement that gives gratitude to everyone for the support that "Halo Wars 2" had over the past few months. What this means is that "Halo Wars 2" digital version for PC will still be available globally.

The game will also launch on Feb. 21 for the PC and Xbox One formats. According to PC Gamer, physical versions of the game for the U.S. were rumored to be underway since January. However, all of these are proven to be untrue and all are just rumors. Whichever the case is, be it physical or virtual copies, "Halo Wars 2" will still sell pretty good.

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