Brokenhearted Or Not, Here Are Techs You Need For V-Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and people are either excited or feeling dreadful. Whatever the mood may be, technology can help one get through the celebrated holiday.

For the brokenhearted or those who have no special someone to celebrate V-day with, there are ways to get through the day which doesn't concern sending flowers or love letters to oneself. A number of apps and devices may help couples celebrate the event and single people get over the hump.

Mend is an app that will help brokenhearted people survive the day. The app was started by Ellen Huerta after she herself went through a painful breakup. Huerta, who used to work for Google, knew she had every known tool to get over the heartache. She had friends who supported her. She could go to therapy and she could visit websites that offer advice.

Fortunately for the rest of the single population, Huerta didn't find solace in any of them and realized that, with her background, she could help herself and others who are experiencing or will experience heartaches. First, Huerta started a newsletter focusing on recovery from breakups and other relationship issues. From then, the project became an app thanks to Muckerlab.

The tech company turned Mend into an app (and Huerta into an avatar) which quickly became one of the more popular ones in its field. In fact, in under a year, the Mend app was downloaded in more than 100 countries as reported by New York Times. Huerta's voice has been the sanctuary of all those who found support through the app.

While Mend is making waves among the broken-hearted community, it is not the only one that uses technology to help people with their emotional well-being. Pillow Talk, for example, caters to those whose loved ones are in faraway places. There's been a lot said about long distance relationships but none so far mentions using technology to soften the impact of sleeping alone at night. Pillow Talk is a set of wristbands pillows and speakers that allows lovers to listen to each other's heartbeats while in their own beds.

LoveBox, meanwhile, is a high-tech box that lets lovers say sweet nothings to each other even when apart. The Wi-Fi enabled device will tell the owner if there is a message from his or her partner which he or she can then read after opening the box.

For those not giving up on love, the Sapio app is the best way to find a date for Valentine's Day. The app is not about physical attraction. It matches people according to their intellectual capacity and personality. The name of the app was derived from the term "Sapiosexual" which means finding intelligence as a sexually attractive quality.

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