‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Season 4 Spoilers And Updates: Upcoming Episode Explores Who Is ‘The Man Behind The Shield’

The title of the upcoming episode of "Agents of SHIELD" season 4 is "The Man Behind The Shield." There are a lot of speculations as to who this title could be referring to. Others say that it must refer to Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) because he's been there for SHIELDS since the start. But others suggest that it is the new director, Jeffrey Mace (Jason O'mara).

It Could Refer To Coulson Or It Could Be Mace

Majority of "Agents of SHIELD" season 4 fans would like to think that it is Coulson. They say he is the human embodiment of the organization called SHIELD. However, there are strong indications that it could refer to Mace, also known as The Patriot. When he replaced Coulson as director, some fans were disturbed. But now, many have gone to love this new character.

Mace Is Not An Inhuman After All

Fans also assume that Mace is also an Inhuman since he possesses superhuman strength. But the previous episodes showed that he was actually a result of an experiment called Project Patriot performed by Talbot, where his superhuman strength was due to the supplements that he's been given. Mace was just used to sway the public against the anti-Inhuman agenda of Senator Nadeer.

In the new teaser trailer for the next episode of "Agents of SHIELD" season 4, Coulson and his team are seen searching for Mace and May. The trailer also shows Mace being tortured by a Russian known as The Superior. But it seems that he is just a bait for what this villain wants - Coulson himself.

The Superior Will Be Disappointed When He Learns

Mace was abducted by The Superior when he sacrificed himself so that Quake and Fritz Simmons can escape. The Superior, along with his Watch Dogs will be terribly disappointed when they learn that Mace is not an Inhuman after all. This realization might just cause them to kill Mace altogether. Will Coulson and his team arrive just in time to save Mace's life? Watch the video below to get a feel of what the next episode of "Agents of SHIELD" season 4 has to offer.

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