Roadhog's Chain-Boop Will No Longer Exist In Overwatch?

If there's one hero that has spawn a great love/hate relationship with the Overwatch community, it's no other than Roadhog. Well, this all thanks to his infamous Hook. While the studio did everything it can to balance it, some players are still unsatisfied. And now, the studio is looking to remove one of its components -- the chain-boop.

According to PVPLive, the aforementioned Overwatch hero's Hook works a little bit different now when on a close range (at least on PTR). Basically, the video game company did some changes so as to make the skill look like it released two meters from the character. Unfortunately, this one here resulted to some unpleasant effects (though the devs are not to be at fault). This could be completely unintentional.

A user and Overwatch fan by the name of Dave brought up the issue. It stirred a healthy conversation within the community. And fortunately, out of the blue, Blizzard's very own Bill Warnecke (Lead Software Engineer) came to shed some light. He iterated that the studio actually noticed this unacceptable behavior from the hero's skill. The guy also mentioned about he and his team working on fix.

In the Public Test Region of Overwatch, this weird activity from Roadhog is actually very noticeable. For instance, when a player is hooked just right in-front (or at least 3.5 meters close) of the hero, he tends to go backwards. Dave also pointed out how this bug or issue can be very alarming to the game's overall meta. Because in one way or another, it can be used to push people straight out of the boundaries of the map.

In general, this shouldn't be happening to hooked players in Overwatch. Instead, if this happens, the player should be easily killed. It would really make sense if Blizzard will be able to remove this awkward animation. Well, they always do.

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