These NBA 2K17 In-Game Trades Will Surely Save Any Franchise

NBA 2K17 players are definitely on a rush these days. Why? That's because the game's trade deadline is about to arrive. And of course, if done correctly, it can present tons of benefits. This is most especially to players who are having a hard time with their respective franchises. Well, for those who still hope for the best, check this one out.

According to WhatCulture, the highly anticipated NBA 2K17 trade deadline (in My GM) will commence on February 23. Contrary to popular belief, the ideal move is to only set one viable trade. But make no mistake, if done incorrectly, it could mean the end of the franchise. So, as much as possible, players must go with the one that'll give their team a huge boost. It may not entirely be there right away, but at least in the future.

The publication states that some of the most interesting franchise-altering trades in real-life have already happened -- and this can also be true in NBA 2K17. For instance, Carmelo Anthony being put to the New York Knicks. Or perhaps, Pau Gasol's inclusion to the Lakers which helped superstar and legendary Kobe Bryant. These and among others have been a huge impact to the future of the franchise. These only prove that trades -- regardless momentary effect - will soon play heavy for the team.

One possible trade process in NBA 2K17 is Dwight Howard's future with the Atlanta Hawks. Sure, he's a very significant player to have. And obviously, any team in the league would want to own him. However, the Hawks don't entirely need him (or at least with their current line-up). One primary reason to let him go is his enormous salary. Heck, add to that the fact that he's 31 and he's not on his prime already. For sure, there are other players worthy of that salary cap. To check the other trades, visit the linkd above.

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