Microsoft Unveils New Video-capture HoloLens Hack

As anyone who's worn HoloLens can prove to, the holograms you see through Microsoft's augmented reality headset are pretty amazing. The digital renderings overlapping onto the real world are far from perfect, and according to tech enthusiasts, these ever-improving AR images add a touch of magic to the real world. One of the issues with this enchanting view, though, is that just like every other AR and virtual reality headset, only the HoloLens wearer gets the full span of the experience. Microsoft has used a professional-grade camera set-up to let observers in on what HoloLens users can see during company presentations, however that capability hasn't made its way to regular folks. That is, until today, according to a source.

The Spectator View

The Windows 10 maker is announcing a new tool called Spectator View that offers a third-person video view of what someone wearing HoloLens sees. Microsoft imagines three use cases where this will be exceptionally handy. Photo capture for high-resolution images of holograms, live demonstrations, and also video capture.

Spectator View Cost

Microsoft provides a full breakdown of how to get going with Spectator View on a dedicated developer page. Yet not for the everyday user. Spectator View will most likely to lead a proliferation of holographic images, videos and live demos from developers and others with their hands on the $3,000 or £2,719/ AU$4,369 HoloLens.

Requiring a second $3,000 HoloLens means this isn't the most cost-effective solution for demoing AR, but it does open up your HoloLens apps to a much bigger viewing audience. It's a first step in delivering mixed reality into YouTube videos or sharing images on social networks or swapping out Powerpoint slides using 3D data visuals that are far more engaging for the audience. As for now, this is a perfect way to show what HoloLens can do to as many people as possible.


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