WWE Stars Praise Naomi For Winning Championship; Possibly Team Up With Becky Lynch In WrestleMania 33

Wrestler Naomi has just nabbed the Women’s Championship title and fans knew nobody deserved it better than her. It’s not just the fans singing all praise for Naomi but the WWE stars as well. In the light of her win, WrestleMania 33 rumors sprung up stating that she might come back for a tag team match.

The Elimination Chamber 2017 took place on Feb. 13 and it was the first elimination chamber event to hold three women’s matches. Naomi beat her opponent, Alexa Bliss and she became the new SmackDown Women’s Championship title holder. Her new title marks the very first championship title she has earned in the WWE.

Fans who attended the live event in Phoenix, Arizona chanted away during Naomi’s win, saying she deserved the championship especially returning from a hiatus because of an injury. Countless WWE stars have voiced out their congratulations for Naomi and said she was the most underrated athlete and entertainer in the industry and her win finally proved what Naomi can do. Naomi, also known as Trinity Fatu was a model and singer who signed up with WWE in August 2009 to jumpstart her wrestling career.

With Elimination Chamber 2017 already done, the next thing to look forward to is the up and coming WrestleMania 33. Rumor has it that Naomi will not be able to defend her championship title in the said annual event because she will be matched up in a tag team instead. It is rumored that she will team up with Becky Lynch and will go against Mickie James and Alexa Bliss in a tag team match.

The rumor was already out even before Naomi earned the new championship title and her winning might just change the plans intended for her at the WrestleMania 33. WWE knows that people would love to see a rematch between Naomi and Alexa Bliss but there is also more profit in seeing Naomi go against challengers, vying for the championship title, too. WWE WrestleMania 33 will take place on April 2 in Orlando, Florida.

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