Settlements And Gameplay From Horizon Zero Dawn Revealed

One of the most anticipated games this month is Guerrilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn. A new trailer has been released showcasing the main protagonist, "Aloy", and the different settlements that exist within the game.

Gameplay Footage

The leaked clip runs for almost seven minutes where it shows a lot of gameplay that players can expect from Horizon Zero Dawn. It appears that Aloy will come with an arsenal of arrows when it comes to capturing different creatures in the world. 

Animals in the game are robotic, fans can easily spot a turkey when Aloy is walking in the woods trying to snare a robotic deer. It has also been confirmed that Aloy will also be going against human enemies in the game. Despite the presence of robot enemies, it looks like the humans are still the most dangerous adversary in Horizon Zero Dawn.

What Can We Expect

One of the biggest draws of this game is the different take on the post-apocalyptic Earth, in which society has been taken down, but the Earth is still a vast Utopia. It's interesting how Horizon Zero Dawn looks to find a unique balance of primitive and futuristic. Looking at the footage could make fans think of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, only with a more vibrant horizon and artificial animals.

Horizon Zero Dawn has already gone gold, so fans can expect no further delays for the game. Insiders also suggested that the officials in Sony are very pleased with the game, and they expect it to do well, critically and commercially. Then again, the success of HZD is completely dependent on the reception of the main gamer audience.

Will Horizon Zero Dawn deliver? Gamers will just have to wait till it comes out on Feb. 28.

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