Resident Evil 7 Bedroom DLC Draws Inspiration From Familiar Source

The Resident Evil 7 Bedroom DLC might feel familiar to some players as it took some ideas from one of Stephen King's famous novels. Those who enjoyed the main game will enjoy the horrors of trying to escape from Marguerite Baker alive.

"Resident Evil 7" Bedroom DLC is Trickier Than it Sounds

The latest installment in the horror franchise just dropped its first downloadable content (DLC) with the Bedroom mission gaining immense popularity. The entire mission simply revolves around two rooms with the antagonist, Marguerite Baker, often checking up on the main character. However, one slight slip-up could easily mean death as Marguerite has a surprisingly sharp memory.

Polygon reports that players will have to remember every single step they did and put everything back in place before she storms back in his room. Throughout the DLC, some puzzles will make some loud sounds that will alert her presence. Players will then only have a seconds to fix the room and get back into bed lest they get caught in the act of trying to escape.

Director Reveals Inspiration Behind the Horror

However, this concept is actually not new to the media as the DLC took inspiration from one of the most famous horror novels. GamesRadar reports that director Koshi Nakanishi got his idea to make the Bedroom mission from the "Misery" novel by Stephen King. The original idea for the DLC was that the player was to write a novel with Marguerite checking in from time to time.

Players would have to select the proper phrases to write that would make up the novel's text. If the antagonist liked the player's work, she would be in a good mood. On the other hand, "it would not end up well for the player" if she was not pleased with his writing.

Although, the initial formula for the DLC still remained the same with the current one as players would have to find an escape. In spite of this, Nakanishi claimed that the writing bit was too complicated and they ultimately dropped the concept. Fans can try out of the "Resident Evil 7" Bedroom DLC on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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