Fire Emblem Heroes Guide: How To Change Your Character's Name From Kiran

A lot of Fire Emblem Heroes players have characters bearing the name "Kiran". It seems the re-rolling program is behind the popularity of this nickname.

Automated Re-rolling

It's no secret that many Fire Emblem Heroes players used re-rolling to get the characters they want. Basically, it's a method where users delete the game to reinstall and download it again. It does not cost any Orbs but it's time consuming.

Some enterprising coders managed to create a program known as Nox. This makes the re-rolling method easier but there's a caveat. Any summoned hero by this program will bear the name "Kiran".

Players can change the name though but the initial solution is to install a special keyboard to change the name. Many though are simply contented to get their favorite character that the nickname does not matter much.

How To Change Name Easily

Still, a lot of Fire Emblem Heroes players are asking around on how to change the Kiran name. Reddit user jvLin presented a simpler method for this. Players should go to Misc. menu, FAQ/Etc. then change nickname. This process will cost players half stamina for this week. Thankfully, no Orbs or other precious energy are required for this.

How Install And Use Nox

Fire Emblem Heroes who want to make use of Nox in re-rolling will find the video below informative. Basically, this program is an Android emulator which users can download in their Windows PC. There's some risk involved since users need to download a Root Browser from the Google Playstore.

About Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a mobile game from Nintendo. The tactical RPG features characters from various installments of the series. It's a free-to-download game from Apple and Google Playstores. The mobile game offers players microtransactions in which Orbs and other items can be bought for real world cash.

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