Fire Emblem Heroes Microtransactions: How Resourceful Players Avoid It

Fire Emblem Heroes is a popular and free mobile game that features microtransactions. Many resourceful players though have managed to avoid this expensive feature while getting the best possible characters.

Nintendo Getting Millions

By now, millions of players have already downloaded the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes. Unlike Nintendo's earlier mobile title Super Mario Run, the tactical RPG is free to play. Users though have the option of using real world cash for a chance to get better characters. Nintendo chief Tatsumi Kimishima also told TIME that Fire Emblem Heroes earned around $5 million in its first week. There's even a dude who spent $1,000 just to get his favorite character - Hector, according to Kotaku. Sadly, he did not get the character even after spending all that money in the game.

Resourceful Players Have Ways

If all he ever wanted is to get a Hector, there are other more expensive ways to do it. He could have re-rolled the game until he got him. To the unfamiliar, re-rolling is the process of deleting and downloading the game until they get the characters they want. This method though is applicable for the player's first five heroes. Nevertheless, it forces players to rely on their wits rather on their wallets. Starting with a well-balanced team can also help players avoid spending Orbs unnecessarily.

More Contents Coming Up

Nintendo is expected to add additional contents to the game once every two weeks. This will require a lot of Orbs from players who want to continue playing the game. Inevitably, this will tempt many to acquire the needed characters and items using real world cash. Nevertheless, many enterprising players will find a way to get what they need without resorting to microtransactions.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available in both Apple and Google Playstores. The RPG features various characters from across series.

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