NBA News: Who Will Replace Kevin Love In The All Star Game

So the bad news was out a few hours ago when the Cleveland Cavaliers made a report about Kevin Love’s injury. The multiple NBA All-Star and NBA Champion has been dealing with knee problems and surgery was performed immediately.

Kevin Love will be out for approximately 6 weeks and the NBA All-Star Game is already next week. With that said, somebody has to fill the void of his spot. There were at least 10 names that were suggested but now ESPN and other sports magazine cut it to 6. Who do you think will replace Kevin Love in this year's NBA All-Star Game? Are they going to give it to a young gun? To a veteran who is recently reclaiming his lost glory? Or are they going to trust the process?

Kristaps Porzingis

The Unicorn has been doubted ever since he was drafted by the Knicks. But it only took 10 games for Porzingis to impress the NBA fans, more importantly, the die hard Knickerbockers. Porzingis is having a career year despite the issues surrounding their team. His current average is 18 ppg, 7 rpg and an outstanding 38% 3pt FG considering his a 7 ft tall.

Carmelo Anthony

It's not secret that the New York Knicks is a mess right now. They thought bringing back Derrick Rose will ease their pain but unfortunately, outside distractions are killing them. Jeff Hornacek is doing his best to coach them but there are certain things that even he cannot control. Melo might not have his usual numbers but he is still the man in New York. During their last game with the Spurs, he showed why he is the most feared offensive player in the NBA.

Joel Embiid

Don’t look any further as Joel Embiid might play for the NBA All-Star Game. A few years ago, this monstrous and skilled man was injured and was doubted if he’ll be able to play in the NBA. Right now, he is spearheading the 76ers momentum and fans wants more about “The Process”.

Also, there are 3 names that could get the spot namely, the shot block artist, Hassan Whiteside, the streak shooter Bradley Beal, and the double-double machine, Andre Drummond of the Pistons.

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