'Vikings' Season 5: Ragnar's Sons To Go In A Battle Against Each Other; Heahmund Serves As A New Threat

The "Vikings" season 5 is speculated to show the aftermath of Ragnar's death. The Lodbrok brothers are reported to face difficulties as they go on to their different missions. Furthermore, their claim to their father's throne will fuel a sibling rivalry that might just end up in a battle against each other.

The latest spoilers that surfaced for "Vikings" season 5 suggest that Ragnar's children will go on different paths. Bjorn will head onto the Mediterranean while Ubbe, Ivar, and Hvitserk will stay in their land to handle their father's army. The latter two though are reportedly going to face some issues regarding their methods that might affect their ruling over Ragnar's army.

There are also rumors surfacing that a second major character is about to die in "Vikings" season 5. The Seer - who once predicted the death of Ragnar - is also seeing the demise of Lagertha who will fall in the hands of the Lodbrok brothers. According to talks, it is Ivar who will kill the shield maiden to avenge her mother's (Aslaug) death.

Apart from Ivar's murder of Lagertha, spoilers reveal that the siblings will go against each other as each of them tries to claim their father's throne. Creator Michael Hirst also hinted on such theory as he said in an interview that a potential battle between the brothers will come about as soon as one of them nabs the position that Ragnar left behind.

Meanwhile, a new threat is reportedly coming to the Vikings in the figure of Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Heahmund. Hirst then revealed that he placed the character Heahmund in the show to serve as the Lodbrok's army and the Vikings' equal. He and his people will go against the Vikings, and with their fighting skills, it is speculated that they will serve as the biggest threat to the people.

Furthermore, Hirst teased whom Heahmund will specifically go against. He said that the character is destined to meet Ivar, and so fans are then speculating that "Vikings" season 5 will heavily feature the two characters.

SBS One is yet to confirm the official premiere of "Vikings season 5. The show's creator though previously said that it might come early this year and that he is already completing the final two episodes of season 5.

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