‪‪Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation‬‬ Warns Against Trump Global Gag Rule

By Jose Paolo Calcetas , Feb 15, 2017 03:07 PM EST

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation warned against the new global order gag rule of U.S. President Donald Trump. According to the new order, American funds intended for organizations abroad related to abortion care and advice will be blocked.

According to the billionaire couple, the prohibition of funding health programs in other countries will definitely take a negative impact on millions of women and girls. They also warned that if the necessary funds will not be rendered accordingly, their lives will be in danger.

Upon the implementation of the gag order, funds intended for helping family planning and women’s health programs within third-world countries will be slashed. As one of the world’s biggest humanitarian donors, both government and non-government organizations have rendered financial aid to impoverished nations all over the world in their effort to fight poverty, hunger and malnutrition among others. Bill Gates even warned that it can “create a void that even a foundation like ours can’t fill,” as reported by The Guardian.

It can be recalled that Pres. Trump signed an executive order which re-imposes the Mexico City policy, now known as the global gag rule, in his first day in office. The other president who implemented the said policy was Ronald Reagan in 1984. It was lifted by other presidents from the Democratic Party who succeeded Reagan. The rule orders the stop of funding from any organization that “performs or actively promotes abortion as a method of family planning” overseas. Recently, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation severed ties with the Indian government on its immunization funding.

Fortunealso reported that both Bill and Melinda stated in the annual letter of their foundation and in new interviews that the U.S. government must include in their top priority to help improve the health of the poor and marginalized people all over the globe. The couple also expressed their hope that this situation will serve as an eye-opener to everyone. Furthermore, they reminded that by lifting the poorest, the U.S. will be able to express its “highest values” as a nation.

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