‘The Big Bang Theory’ Latest Updates: CBS To Officially Extend The Show With Seasons 11 And 12?

Avid fans of the hit TV series "The Big Bang" will be happy to know that it seems that the show will be extended to season 11 and 12. Recent reports indicate this is a likely possibility. So, those who have been worrying if the show will be canceled after season 10 can now rest their minds.

CBS Will Officially Confirm The Show's Extension

It appears that CBS is set to officially confirm the production of "The Big Bang Theory" seasons 11 and 12. This announcement effectively extends the life of the show and squashes all the rumors that it is going to be axed. No less than the president of CBS Entertainment has stated that this is going to happen.

The CBS President Said "The Big Bang Theory" Will Be Extended

In a recent interview, Glenn Geller of CBS stated that they are now negotiating for the show's extension. This could mean the production of "The Big Bang Theory" seasons 11 and 12 are being discussed. However, before any talks involving the cast members are started, they must first sort out an agreement between Warner Bros TV and CBS. This is part of their protocol in the past.

The Show Earns Big Bucks For Its Producers

The cost of production of each episode of "The Big Bang Theory" is quite high, nearly $10 million. But the showrunners want to extend its run because it is very profitable. The hit TV series remains to be the highest rated comedy show on the network and probably in the entertainment industry. The TV arm of Warner Bros has reportedly earned more than $1 billion from the show in syndicated sales to date.

Dealing With The Cast Might Be Tricky

With CBS, there seems to be no problem in giving "The Big Bang Theory" its seasons 11 and 12. It has been consistently topping rating charts. In this respect, the show's continuity is no longer in the area of speculation. However, it will be the negotiations with its cast members that might be a bit tricky for the showrunners.

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