Touch Bar Feature Coming Into The iPhone 8

As of this time, it might have already been established that the upcoming iPhone 8 may no longer sport the iconic Apple home button. However, it has never been clear as to what would replace it. There are talks about the phone having slimmer bezels but it has never really been pointed out whether a virtual home button or an entire array of virtual buttons will replace the old-school feature. Nevertheless, a recent report may be able to bring in some clarity on this matter.

Apple iPhone 8 To Have A Function Bar

Apparently, Apple might not only replace the physical home button with a virtual home button. The company might actually bring in the popular MacBook Pro 2016 feature to the next iPhone model. As per a Techno Buffalo report, there could be a "function area" in the iPhone 8 and it will display virtual buttons. The said area is also expected to include biometric technologies that would bring in the Touch ID feature to the smartphone.

If this rumor is true, which probably is, considering that reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes so, then the iPhone 8 will be the most high-tech iPhone ever. Imagine seeing your options change in the function bar depending on where you are in your iPhone, it's practically like using the latest MacBook Pro. So far this isn't the only change that's coming to the special iPhone model. A glass-sandwich body and wireless-charging feature are also both rumored for the phone. This could pretty much sum up why the iPhone 8 is reported to cost more than $1000 dollars.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumored Release

Right now, predictions still point out to a September iPhone 8 unveiling. Considering that Apple has been launching the iPhone at this specific month and there aren't any solid clue that the company would shift away from tradition, it's still reasonable to expect a September iPhone launch. Hopefully though, rumors are true that there will also be less-expensive iPhones that will be released along with the expensive iPhone 8.

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