'Meek Yeezy Season 5' Launch: Kanye West Stayed Off The Runway

After the famous rapper-designer Kanye West and reality star Kim Kardashian's absence at the Grammys, Kanye has again done it on the launch of his new collection for Adidas at the Yeezy Season 5 Fashion Show as Kanye opted to stay behind the spotlight and remained backstage.

Kanye West's Yeezy Season 5

Kanye West is not only known for his rapping skills but also for his designing stints. Kanye, has just released his new collection of clothing line in Pier 59 in New York for the famous brand Adidas. Kanye's line features denim jackets and jeans which are pretty laid back and relaxed as compared to his previous collection which featured grand and luxurious designs.

The runway was pretty simple yet regal as it featured a dark set. The show started with a voice over followed by models being projected over a screen in the middle of the runway.

Kanye West Chose To Stay 'Behind The Curtains'

Kanye West's Yeezy Season 5 was over in 13 minutes. The fashion show ended with models emerging from the backstage wearing the same clothes they were seen wearing in the videos being projected on the screen, which comprises camouflage pants, hoodies and the Yeezy running shoes. Unlike the previous Seasons of West's Yeezy Fashion Show, the rapper-designer humbly opted to stay behind the spotlight and let the audience focus mainly on the collection.Kanye and Kim were also seen leaving the venue before the show ended. According to fans, the couple's departure from the event didn't really affect the great impact the show has made to the audience. Reports have also stated that the couple have been keeping it low after the incident wherein Kanye was hospitalized and Kim robbed at gunpoint.

Despite the rapper opting to stay offstage, Yeezy Model Mona Matsuoaka stated that Kanye was so into the show. According to Mona, she felt that Kanye loves designing, the environment and everything that has something to do with fashion.

Kanye's Collection Received Massive Praise

The Yeezy Season 5 had a star-studded audience which included Kanye's famous wife, Kim Kardashian, half-sister Kylie Jenner, Kylie's boo, Tyga, Vogue editor Anna Wintour and other famous celebrities. Kanye's collection recieved a well-deserved praise right after its debut.and because of its style and wearability, people from the fashion industry as well as those from other fields were said to endorse Kanye's new collection.

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