League Of Legends Update: Practice Tool Already Up And Running

Good news to all summoners. As previously announced last autumn, the "League of Legends" practice tool is already up and running. Like what was explained by Riot, the practice tool is simple, straightforward and is a single player environment that gives summoners the opportunity to practice their plays and train using their favorite champions.

Practice Tool For All Skill Levels

The newly released practice tool focuses on Champion plays, combos, jungle practicing and practice for the last hitting. In addition, the tool also helps players practice their item build and map familiarity. "League of Legends" creator, Riot, stated that the practice tool is for players of all skill levels. The practice tool offers many features like different jungle commands and game states. Riot also announced to the public that there would be additional feature that will be added to the practice tool, which will offer other types of in-game practice.

Practice Tool's Development

Riot stated that the development process for Practice tool was slightly different from the way they usually did the other features. Riot had chosen to target and get the "bare-bones version" of the tool working for the summoners as soon as possible. Riot also stated that the summoners should wait for a little longer for some polished and similar functionality of the tool. These announcements made the League think of the things that the Practice tool might be missing. "League of Legends" players and fans are already excited for the possible updates of the practice tool to make their playstyle a lot more effective.

Riot To Observe Servers

Lastly, Riot said that they will monitor the game's servers to observe how much stress the practice tool will put on them, and if they needed to, they will adjust things accordingly to the situation. The new training tool can be accessed by going under the training tab-update of the game's client.

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