League Of Legends Update 7.3 Released: Camille, Rengar, and Leblanc Nerfed?

The words to best describe "League of Legends" latest patch is nerfing, nerfs, nerfs and a lot more nerfs. Riot did a huge amount of adjustment to those who were marked as "overpowered" champions, which led to series of troubles for some top tier players or the so-called "Challengers."  So much with the bad news, the good news is that new awesome skins had arrived which is absolutely worth the grab.

The new skins that Riot released are for Jhin, Twisted Fate, Diana, and Talon. These fresh new skins are Blood moon themed skins. Summoners can take a peak of the blood moon skins at the "League of Legends'" official website. 

On the other hand, the champions who were nerfed are the following: "Camille, The Steel Shadow","Ivern, The Green Father", "Jayce, The Defender", "Kha'zix, The Voidreaver", "Leblanc, The Deceiver", "Malzahar, The Prophet Of The Void", "Rengar, The Pridestalker", "Vi, The Pitover Enforcer", and "Zyra, Rise Of Thorns."

Some champions also received slight buffs from the new update, those are: "Tristana, The Yordle Gunner" and "Vladimir, The Crimson Reaper". Along with the latest patch is the release of a new game mode called The Hunt of the Blood Moon. Summoners need to sacrifice spirits and opposing enemies to reach certain points and a Demon Brand buff and only 20 champions are available in this game mode.

"League of Legends" patch 7.3 also includes a training environment which is called "Practice tool" wherein players can (of course) practice and polish their cancerous skills (just kidding). Players will be able to know the name of a specific character by just hovering the mouse on the top of the player's scoreboard. Furthermore, right-clicking on player's names after the game or at the end-game screen will let summoners add, block, or view their profile. In addition, a news tab can also be seen by players in their newly updated client. 

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