Gabe Newell Admits That 'Childish' Devs Are Teasing Fans About 'Half-Life 3'

"Half-Life" is a sci-fi first person shooter game, which was developed by Valve in 1998. It revolves around the story of Dr. Gordon Freeman as he fights his way out of a secret research facility. Although the game was developed in 1998, players, fans and critics all had high praises for the game due to its graphics and gameplay, as a result "Half-Life" has received more than 50 Game of the Year awards and is considered as one of the greatest games of all time.

This massive success has resulted in a sequel called "Half-Life 2," where Dr. Freeman is still the main protagonist, and is tapped to fight an alien empire called the Combine. "Half-Life 2," like "Half-Life," received critical acclaim for its graphics, story and has also received 39 Game of the Year awards. These details brings to light the significance of the franchise and why up until now, players and fans are still waiting and anticipating if there is another "Half-Life" game in the works.

What Happened

According to Venturebeat, some developers in Valve try to fan rumors that "Half Life 3" is in the works as they leave "Half-Life" footprints where avid fans can find and see them. During a Vive demo, a "Half-Life 3" logo was seen on the screen, and upon discovering this, eagerly waiting fans had the shock of their lives.

Greg Coomer, the Communications Specialist for Valve, said that they did not know that the picture is out and that it is shown during the demo. He goes on to mention that the logo has been seen around the office for some time, however, no one from Valve can explain why and what that is.

The Aftermath

Gamerant further states that Gabe Newell, Co-Founder and President of Valve, says that some developers enjoy teasing fans and purposely leaving false clues to grow the rumor of "Half-Life 3." Over the years, this act has divided fans whether or not "Half-Life 3" is really in development. Newell further states that "Childish" employees of Valve even wore "Half-Life 3" shirts to GDC.

Whatever Valve plans for "Half-Life 3," it is important for them to take note that while these actions may be taken as a joke, some fans may learn their lesson and not expect anymore, thus losing fan support. This would mean that when Valve eventually reveals "Half-Life 3," people may not believe them anymore. However, on a positive note, although the last "Half-Life" game was released more than a decade ago, who's to say that Valve won't revive the franchise in the future.

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