LG G6 News And Update: Here's How The LG G6 UX Will Look Like

The Korean technology company is set to introduce its newest smartphone later this month. LG G6 is the latest line-up for the G-series. LG is expected to feature a waterproof design for G6 and a new user interface.

It would be interesting since the company has not released any waterproof phones before, which other companies have been highlighting on their products. The G6 will offer an up to date multi-tasking feature just like typing a note or a memo on one side while the other side is used for surfing the internet. In addition, users can turn the phone in a horizontal position and will display a calendar on the left side of the window and the schedule dates with details will be indicated on the right side of the screen.

Aside from the standard features, the smartphone will highlight its latest user interface. Recently, the Korean conglomerate has shared a teaser on YouTube showing the UX 6.0 interface. It will be utilized in the 5.7-inch QHD+ full display with an 18.9 unusual aspect ratio, as per Droid Life.

According to Tech Crunch, LG has confirmed that users will be able to view multimedia contents from games, movies and other applications for an 18:9 ratio. The updated UX will also include a system that will enable the users to quickly view a 16:9 ratio existing content in 18:9 formats.

The LG UX 6.0 will also feature a square camera, which is capable of dividing an 18:9 display in two perfect squares. With this capability, users can capture images in 1:1 format. This trending format can be experienced on different social media applications like Instagram.

This UX interface also comes with a food mode-shooting mode that can let the users create their own GIF files quickly by simply gathering over a hundred images in a loop. The new handset, expected to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 on Feb. 26, will offer one-hand usability. The new interface is tailored specifically to the company's new Full Vision.

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