Overwatch Update: Blizzard Set To Release New Legendary Skin For McCree

In Overwatch, the heroes' unique skills and personalities aren't the only interesting things to look forward to. Of course, there's the gameplay and/or combat style. Next, there are witty voice lines that somehow get players into the game. But hey, apart from these, the skins are what bring the game to a whole new level. This is most especially to a character that barely gets a Legendary one.

It holds true that Jesse McCree is often neglected in Overwatch. Not because Blizzard doesn't give a care, but perhaps the studio is actually in for something bigger. According to PVPLive, the studio is planning to finally give the character what he deserves -- a skin worth wearing. The big reveal was made by no other than Jeff Kaplan himself.

Kaplan promised to the entire Overwatch community that they'll be "pleased" with the content for this year. He, in response to questions about the aforementioned hero's fashion, pointed out that this will be addressed soon. In fact, there's higher possibility that the gunslinger will own a Legendary one in the next few weeks to come.

As of this writing, it remains a mystery as to what sort of skin the hero will have in Overwatch. Players may finally see a gangster Jesse, or maybe a modernized western gunslinger. The ideas are really overflowing, but it's up to the studio to decide which is which. Players can only hope for the best, as they have nothing to do but to wait.

Just recently, Overwatch heroes such as Roadhog and Winston received their own Legendary skins. The list also includes the likes of Zenyatta and Reinhardt. Well, not to mention D.Va's Palanquin-themed mech. And oh, Mei - the controversial one - received two this year. Or perhaps three if the skin from the Winter Wonderland theme is to be included. Only time can tell what McCree will look like.

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