Overwatch Update: Here's How Cheating Is Being Handled In Korea

Overwatch has been a huge topic in Korea's gaming community. Well, this is thanks to the rampant cheating players did there. Of course, as a studio, Blizzard needs to do something about it. And with that, a new policy has been implemented in hopes to battle the said exploitations.

According to Kotaku, the infamous cheating spree in Overwatch Korea is thanks to the way the net café establishments of the country work. Basically, any player could just walk right into there and create a free Battle.net account. Yes, that's right -- they're able to do without having to pay a single cent.

In its most organic form, any person can draw access to Overwatch there. It became a free-to-play game when it should be the other way around. Obviously, this has hurt Blizzard's sales as well as the title's reputation. Let alone the feelings of other players who resorted to draw in some cash.

As announced in the official site of the studio, Battle.net accounts of Overwatch players in Korea's net cafes will be changed. This is, in a sense, a small step to battling the growing cheating process, which has long plagued the entire community. Well, not to mention the hundreds or so aimbots and the likes.

Starting Feb. 17, for Overwatch players to access the game, logging into an authorized Battle.net account will be necessary. This will be primarily applied to those who want to play at any Korean net cafes. With this, it will be impossible to utilize those free accounts.

Korean accounts, compared to Overwatch players abroad, will be stricter. It'll require personal information as well as a social security number. Although Blizzard doesn't want to apply such complicated process, the need to do so is quite inevitable. This means that if a player has been banned, he/she has to find a way to acquire another social security number so as to enter the game.

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