'Prison Break' Season 5: Wentworth Miller Sees Michael-Sarah Reunion Not Possible? Other Teasers Revealed

"Prison Break" reboot is set to come back on April with shorter episodes, but spoilers reveal how exhilarating the installment will be. The main cast of "Prison Break" also attested to the exciting plot rumors as they recently talked a few details about what is in store in the upcoming season.

The revival of "Prison Break" is arguably one of the most anticipated series installments this year. Avid fans of the show started to follow updates of "Prison Break" season 5 since it was teased early last year, but confirmations have been slow to come by. Now that the next chapter of Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows' lives is about to return to the small screen, teasers, promo posters as well as cast revelations are starting to surface to shed some light to the countless rumors swirling around.

Among the talks that have reportedly bothered the "Prison Break" fandom is the news that the 10 episodes initially planned have been cut down into nine. Fans then speculate that the show might not be back for good since it is having lesser episode count compared to the first four installments, yet again it was diminished by one more episode.

Miller though previously said that additional chapters can possibly be added to the condition that the installment performs well on its first few episode run. However, he also said that there is no assurance if the original cast will still be in the additional episodes as the cast were signed only to film nine episodes, and other projects coming after might then keep them busy to shoot more chapters. Miller then explained that the production will either extend the season without the actors or end the story with episode 9.

As for the fate of his character and his love interest, Sara Tancredi, Miller discussed that he and his ex-wife has not fully moved on from their romance. However, he hinted on how the couple might not get back together as Sara is already married and Michael is to face a heavy battle that he is not sure he can survive.

The new poster of "Prison Break" season 5 also teased the difficult situation that Michael and Lincoln are about to face. The poster was captioned with: "First it was a prison. Now it's a nation." This reportedly sums up what the duo will go through in the upcoming season. It can be recalled that the plot of the installment will show Lincoln saving Michael from a prison in Yemen. Spoilers say that Michael involved himself with a syndicate that he is hard up to escape from. Breaking from the prison then is reportedly not the biggest problem for the brothers, but fleeing Yemen is.

"Prison Break" premieres on April 4 on FOX.

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