The Reason Behind Pokemon Go Crash Amidst Gen 2 Updates

Everyone is currently experiencing problems in logging in to "Pokemon Go". This is due to the recent update of the game. Because of the Gen 2 update, old players got back to playing the game, as well as with the first-timers. This affected the game's servers so heavily that it even caused it to become more unstable.

There are even reports that the game's servers have entirely crashed. "Pokemon Go" Gen 2 update released 80 new Pokemon to the game was just released Feb. 16.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update Plagued With Glitches

Right after the update was released, players were then reported to have been unable to login into the game. According to, most players who attempted to login, got a "failed to login" message.

While there are also those who were stuck with their progress bar in the game's loading screen. The lucky ones who managed to login into the game aren't really that lucky after all. As soon as they've logged in, they were met with a series of lags and a very slow loading time.

According to iDigital Times, "Pokemon Go" players experienced a ton of glitches in the game. When one tries to transfer a Pokemon, an error message is said to suddenly pop-up, and then the Pokemon disappears right away. Since the game's release last July 2016, the Gen 2 update has been the biggest change brought by Niantic Games.

Millions Of Players Are Back Playing Pokemon Go

With this, it makes perfect sense why the servers are having a hard time now, and it is because millions of "Pokemon Go" players went back to playing the game. Statistics prove that the game's popularity dwindled over the last few months.

Now, the game is starting to get back to the top, but then again, with the expense of several server errors and crashes. For now, what the "Pokemon Go" game developers can do is to send out a message that says, "We're currently seeing an incredible number of Trainers logging in. Thanks for bearing with us as we address latency issues!"

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