The iPhone 8 Will Have 3D Laser Scanner, Facial Recognition Might Replace Fingerprint Sensor

When Apple unleashed the iPhone 7 series, it became pretty clear that the company has no problem ditching conventional smartphone parts. The 3.5 mm jack was removed from the iPhone last year, and now, reports suggest that more things will be removed from the next iPhone model. 

Apple To Bring In More Changes To The iPhone

Past rumors have already pointed out that Apple will no longer include a home button in the next generation of iPhones. In fact, the company might as well remove the home button on all its smart devices including the iPad. In addition to that, Apple might also remove the fingerprint sensor altogether. Previous reports suggested that if the home button is removed, the Touch ID will be embedded in the display. Tech experts hung on to this prediction for the past months. However, a recent report came out saying that Apple might actually just go for facial recognition in exchange for the fingerprint scanning technology.

Apple To Use 3D Laser Scanner In The iPhone 8

As per a recent report, the anniversary iPhone might actually get rid of the fingerprint scanner and simply head on to a more convenient facial recognition system. According to JPMorgan's analyst Rod Hall, the 3D laser scanner is a more secure option than the Touch ID. It will also make the iPhone recognition system a little more competent considering that it can be used even when the user is under wet circumstances. Additionally, the use of laser scanners will also help Apple in their AR and VR plans.

Apple iPhone 8 As A Premium Smartphone

If the iPhone 8 does include a facial recognition system, this would mean that the phone will indeed come with a high price to match its features. A report recently came out that the iPhone 8 will be no less than a thousand bucks in price when it gets released this year. Nevertheless, nothing is confirmed until Apple says something. Considering that the 3D Laser scanner isn't the only rumored new feature for the iPhone 8, it's important to take the rumors with a pinch of skepticism.

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