Twitter Starts Rolling Out A New Punishment For Abusive Users

If Twitter keeps failing in finding solutions to online abuse and harassment, it will be quite possible that the social media will keep losing users, which clearly represents a really concerning situation. Photo : hahnray/YouTube

The reason behind Twitter´s leak of users is quite simple: people are tired of being abused and harassed within the platform. Even when this is a concerning phenomenon that happens in almost every single social media network that exists, Twitter is probably the one that gets in this controversy frequently to the point in which the company has made a lot of efforts to solve this situation. Despite the failure of each measure, the blue bird social media just came out with a new way to get rid of this problem, and just as you might think, it is unlikely that this would be efficient.

Twitter Will Punish Abusive Users 

Believe it or not, Twitter´s new measure to stop online bullies will put them in some kind of "time out" or naughty corner, which means that those who have been identified engaging in abusive behavior will have their accounts banned for just 12 hours, and then they will be restored. During those hours, the person will have the reach of its tweets restricted and these will only be shown to their followers.

Although this actually seems to be some sort of a bad joke, Twitter actually confirmed that this will be one of its new measures to fight against this concerning situation. Naturally, it is expected that with a new abuse tool that was recently rolled out and eliminated in a couple of days, this solution will be ridiculed by users in the social media, considering that it doesn't seem serious enough to solve an issue that is costing a lot of users to the blue bird platform.

In fact, in the notification that informs abusive users of their 12 hours of suspension, Twitter wrote that creating a safer environment for people so they can freely express themselves, is something extremely important for the Twitter community. As you could imagine, the platform ended up the message saying that if the platform detects a behavior that may violate this rules, the correspondent account will be limited.

Twitter Is Unable To Provide A Safer Space To Users

Apparently, in addition to the abusive behavior, Twitter will also put users in time out depending on certain keyboards that might be offensive or bigoted, which many believe that is a highly controversial measure, given the fact that words like "queer" in addition to being offensive depending on the context, is also used as an inclusive identifier in certain communities. Unfortunately, this is such a disaster that it won´t take too long to see its inefficiency.

Getting to this point, it seems quite concerning the way in which Twitter is not being capable of providing a safer space in its platform due to the leak of users that is really harming this social media network.  This is a delicate situation that people dislike a lot, and it doesn't seem to have a near end.

Considering that the most important thing for a social media that already went public is to have the highest amount of users, Twitter needs to find an efficient solution to solve online abuse, otherwise, this downward spiral in which the platform entered some years ago will definitely get harder to escape with.

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