Product Lead Is Asking People 'What They Hate' About Pixel; Taking Cues For Pixel 2 Design?

Product Lead Is Asking People 'What They Hate' About Pixel; Taking Cues For Pixel 2 Design?
The Pixel phones were amazing and a Pixel 2 is coming. Now, product lead, Krishna Kumar, is asking what people hated and what improvements they want to see for the Pixel 2. Photo : DetroitBORG/YouTube

When Google Pixel phones first came to light, it came like a wrecking ball - in a good way, not Miley Cyrus way, but Anne Hathaway's way. I mean, many people praised it because of how it got many things right. However, that does not mean it did not had its fair share of criticism

Speaking of Pixel phones, a Google Pixel 2 is said to be coming. According to an article by 9to5Google, Product Lead, Krishna Kumar, is soliciting feedbacks about the Google Pixel phones, specifically what people hated about it and what would they like to see improved. So apparently, it looks like Google wants to make the upcoming Pixel 2 phone something that most people would definitely like.

So What Are The Things That People Hated About The Pixel Phones?

According to Stuff, the Pixel phones had an uninspired design, which most people would agree when talking about the flaws of the device. For one thing, what bothers people the most regarding its design is the phone's thick bezels - that large and empty bottom bezels. Hopefully, Google will decide to reduce it, because its top contenders; Apple and Samsung are thinning out the bezels on their flagship phones as much as possible to obtain that futuristic look.

Another thing regarding about its design is the non-existence of a waterproof feature. Though the Pixel phones are no doubt both powerful and amazing, it fell short in the diving department. Apple and Samsung incorporated waterproofing on their respective flagship devices, which was something many of its users were happy to brag about. Heck, even Lil Wayne did a commercial of him pouring champagne on the Galaxy S7 non-stop.

The next thing that some people hated about the Pixel phones was its audio and speakers. Though some claim that they have not experienced any issues with the Pixel's audio quality, some were unfortunate enough to experience this problem on what is supposed to be a premium-priced smartphone.

Speaking about premium-priced smartphones, the next and final thing people hated (though there are still quite a few to some people) about the Pixel phone is the price tag. People are expecting the Pixel 2 to have a toned down price. However, leaks about the upcoming Pixel 2 phone suggest that it could cost "at least" $50 more than its predecessor, which many people are expecting that the device will have some new significant features to justify that increase.

So What Does The People Want To See Improved?

When people are asked what makes the Pixel phones "possibly" the best smartphone of 2016, most people will say they fell in love with its camera, specifically the rear camera's low light performance. According to the leaks, Google is definitely improving this part on their next flagship by "mastering low light photography."

The second thing that most people want to see improved is the OS. Given the fact that the Pixel phones were the first to run on Android 7.1 Nougat, most people are expecting it to come with Android O, which is rumored to have its first appearance around May.

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