Five Primary Students HIV Positive Acquired By Birth

The five primary pupils who tested positive for HIV last year did not acquire the disease by sexual contact. Education Minister Anthony Garcia would like to clarify the issue, they were infected by birth. He was responding to statements release early this week at the Joint Select Committee meeting. It was disclosed that there were five primary pupils found to have been infected with HIV.

The pupils were composed of two boys, aged eight and 11, and three girls, aged seven, nine and ten, are presently receiving proper treatments. It was not further discussed during the JSC how exactly the children got the infection. Garcia dismisses the idea that the children got it from sexual activity, instead he explained that they acquired it by birth.

He added that the Ministry knew about the issue for quite some time. He emphasized that those children contracted the disease at birth. It had nothing to do with any STD nor sexual activity among school children. He added that since the information was leaked to the media, he received many phone calls from worried parents who were concerned that the issue might be an epidemic in schools. Garcia, however, said that the situation is being handled accordingly to established protocols.

According to the Science Daily, Garcia added that the Ministry of Health is providing proper treatments for the infected children. The children remain in the school system as no child is to be discriminated nor will be denied of their right of education, regardless of the infection they acquired by birth. Chief Education Officer Harrilal Seecharan they will make sure that identification information of the pupils will not be disclosed.

The school principals and those who are in charge of taking care of the children HIV positive status. They are also taught of guidelines on how to treat wounds of the infected children to prevent infection to other staff or pupils. According to the Daily Express, Seecharan assures the people that they are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of other students, teachers and staffs. The HIV positive children are being given proper treatment, instead of criticism they rather need proper care and guidance.

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