NBA Live 17 Release Postponed To This Fall; Must Be Called NBA Live 18 Instead

NBA Live was once the best-selling basketball simulation game franchise. But through the years, it had considerably waned, even being considered as a flopped game.

But despite the unfortunate status that NBA Live is in, EA Sports would raise the white flag to its rival, the NBA 2K franchise. It still wants to relive the glory that it once had.

NBA Live 17 Criticized For Massive Release Delays

For now, NBA 2K is in for a very good ride in the gaming industry, and that this could be the trend for a long time. Now, NBA Live 17 is not yet released, even if the year is already 2017.

What makes it worse is that the NBA season is already done halfway, and up until now, there is still no official release date sent out. With this, speculations point out to postponing the release date to this year's fall.

Now, it would suffer the consequences of people mocking it and calling it as NBA Live 18 instead. According to Game Zone, EA CEO Andrew Wilson says that the NBA Live franchise is still a continuous journey.

Money Slips From EA Sports As Each Day Passes By

For now, what EA Sports could do is to just double their efforts and do the best of what they can to speed up the game's release. For whatever reason it has, the reality is that the longer the wait is for its release, the more money it loses.

According to Mic, it is very surprising to know that despite the series of unfortunate events that the NBA Live franchise experienced for years, it still is making games, and this time, the NBA Live 17 suffers the same fateHopefully, things turn out well for the game as there are still a few (very few, to be exact) people who are into the game.

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