Titanfall 2 News: Everything About Live Fire Update

Fans will have to wait, as Respawn noted the release of Live Fire in Titanfall 2 may be delayed. However, players can expect that the are new features added in the upcoming game version. As for the excat date of the release, it is still not confirmed.

New Features On Titanfall 2's Live Fire

The newest feature to be seen in Titanfall 2 is called Mixtape Matchmaking. The players can combine new modes that they want to use in the game. Respawn stated that the feature needs some fixes, but the team is trying their best to make it better.

In the Featured Playlist section, Respawn will release new modes in Titanfall 2 that players can choose from. Some of the modes will give the players bonus XP if they choose to play them.

Next, there is New Execution added. It is based on Stim, which offers options for Pilot customization, according to PlayStation Lifestyle. A new map called Columns will also be seen in the game. It will bring an exciting twist that will surely challenge the players in Titanfall 2.

Other Details In The Upcoming Live Fire

Respawn explained what Live Fire mode is all about. It will consist of two teams with six members. Once player dies, he will rmeain dead until the match is over. The matches will only last up to one minute, wherein players can use the new movement tools.

The Live Fire mode will have  two maps called Stacks and Meadow. The new mode will appear on the Featured playlist. Respawn is making sure that the new game mode is different from other modes, which is why it is only accessible in the playlist.

Reaspawn assures fans that the Live Fire mode will be exciting.

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